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"We couldn't have asked for more for J in his pre-school education. The Children's Centre has provided him with an excellent all-round experience from the early years (he started at seven months) right through to four years, and has been an invaluable stepping stone to school. J has been really happy during his time here, has made strong friendships, enjoys mixing with the group and his confidence has come on in leaps and bounds! The staff have been excellent and we can't thank them enough for their boundless patience, understanding and insight into each child's individual needs. From the early days when I would ring up from work for constant reassurance through to the present pre-school period, the Centre has offered a constantly caring and compassionate support for J with some wonderful experiences."

"Lovely setting, wonderful warm and caring staff, and a Principal who never stops trying to improve the already excellent service she provides. We looked at all the nurseries in the area and found this one to have the best facilities and the most comfortable and welcoming feel, especially important as K was very shy and J was only 7months old when she joined. The flexibility the centre offered in terms of opening times was hugely appreciated when work got in the way, and when K was diagnosed with a food allergy, Caroline and the staff took immediate action to accommodate the changes necessary. I couldn't have asked for any more. And to top it off the matched funding offer was just so generous. Thank you ECC, for giving both my daughters the best start I could have ever asked for."

"The outings, events, visitors etc. ECC has provided have been great for M's general knowledge and awareness. But more importantly for me is the complete peace of mind I have always felt when M has been in your care."

"The development of G's language skills has been wonderful – he is obviously being listened to and encouraged by the wonderful staff."

"We couldn't have been happier with R's care – she often doesn't want to come home which says it all."

"I am thrilled with the huge variety of activities and subjects covered in the preschool year and feel T has been well prepared for reception."

"The staff are very perceptive, you feel like they really get to know your child."

"M has been extremely well looked after. She has a number of allergies and the staff have been more than accommodating in taking care of her needs."

"J leaves the Centre a different girl. Her vocabulary is advanced and she really enjoys counting and learning/writing letters. Her reasoning skills are fantastic, something I know the Centre encourages."

"We couldn't have asked for more for S's pre-school education! A huge thank you!!! I can honestly say that S has absolutely loved coming every day."

"We cannot say thank you enough for all you have done with I. She goes to school a happy, secure, articulate child with good social skills."

"We have always felt that there is a very genuine culture of caring at ECC. Caroline heads a team of amazing staff members, each of whom have contributed to the wonderful time E has had over the past few years."