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Sessions and Opening Hours

“Parents feel that the flexibility of the nursery, to meet their changing needs, is a real strength.”   Ofsted 2014

The Centre is open from 07:30 to 18:00 Monday to Friday. We are open all year except on Bank Holidays and for a week at Christmas. Preschool sessions run during school term times; the dates are available in our newsletters

We are unusual in the flexibility we offer and should you require it childcare can be booked by the hour. We know that it can sometimes be very difficult to fit childcare around work patterns so please do discuss any specific requirements; we will always do our best to accommodate. Substantial reductions are made for full session bookings, for payment by pre-arranged Fee Agreement (usually paid by direct debit or electronic childcare vouchers) and usually for families of three or more children. We are able to offer whole year, school term-time only (for all aged children) and school holiday club (for 5-14 year olds) sessions. All session prices include meals unless otherwise stated.

Our unique offer! Up to thirty hours per week free Pre-school education!
Many two year olds and all children from the term after their third birthday are entitled to 15 hours of free nursery education during school term time.

In the final year before school, if you take your 15 hours free funded sessions between 9am and 3pm, we match the government's funding so your child can attend up to five days per week 9am to 3pm for free during school term time (meals1 £2). We believe our matched funding offer is unique to the Centre and has had a profound effect on the educational attainment of our pre-school group.

7:30am-6pm 9am-3pm
or 8am-1pm
or 1pm-6pm
9am-12pm 7:30am-9am 3:15pm-6pm Hourly rate
  • To nearest ½ hr
  • min length 1 hour
Baby, toddler and preschool aged
Standard rate (fee agreement2) £44.72 £28.08 £12.48 n/a £6.14
Term-time only or shift worker rate4 (fee agreement2) £45.24 £29.12 £13.00 £6.14
Pay as you go3 £46.80 £30.16 £14.56 n/a £6.97
School aged
Standard rate (fee agreement2) £22.88 £16.64 n/a £4.68 £11.44 £6.14
Shift worker rate4 (fee agreement2) £27.04 £22.88 £4.84 £11.96 £6.14
Pay as you go3 £37.44 £28.08 n/a £4.89 £12.48 £6.97
1 Meals charged at £2.08 if taken during a free government funded session or if paying the hourly rate, otherwise included.
2 Fee agreement is for planned care arranged over the full year (Christmas holiday and Bank holidays free). This is usually payable by direct debit or electronic childcare vouchers.
3 If you need full flexibility in the hours you book. This is paid for on booking or as an addition to your usual direct debit if you have one.
4 We can usually accommodate a rolling shift pattern of up to four weeks e.g. Week 1 Mon and Wed short days, Week 2 Mon and Fri long days.

There are also a number of government schemes available to help with fees.