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We provide two nutritiously balanced, home made main meals a day at 12:00 and 16:15. Children are also given breakfast and healthy mid-morning and afternoon snacks. Children and staff all eat together to reflect the family environment and foster good eating habits. We are able to accommodate a wide range of special diets including vegetarian and food allergies; please speak to one of our staff if you need any more information.

An example of a recent menu:
Week 1 Mid-morning snack Lunch Mid-afternoon snack Tea
Mon Milk
Canned peaches in juice
Whole milk yoghurt
Chicken korma
Brown rice Naan bread
Fresh fruit salad
Cucumber and carrot sticks
Pitta bread
Mint and cucumber dip
Egg and cress sandwiches
Lettuce, Cherry tomatoes
Banana custard
Tues Milk
Cherry tomatoes
Lamb burgers
Bubble and squeak
Rice pudding with sultanas
Sliced pear
Tuna and sweetcorn pasta
Cucumber, Red pepper
Fromage frais
Weds Milk
Vanilla yoghurt with banana
Sardines on toast
Sliced tomato
Milk jelly with mandarins
Wholemeal toast fingers with margarine
Savoury omelette
Baby jacket potatoes
Semolina with pears