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What your child should bring to the Centre


Work-clothes are most appropriate for Centre. Some of the best learning environments are messy and whilst we take every precaution to limit stains from glue, paint etc. it is almost inevitable that clothing will get damaged.

We ask you to label all clothing clearly, especially coats, jumpers and shoes. A spare set of clothes should be left at the Centre for all children under five years for use in emergency. We may need more than one spare set if your child is learning to use the toilet.


The Centre does not provide nappies, and we ask you to supply enough nappies for your child. This can be on a daily basis, or if you prefer, a named supply may be left at the Centre. We are very happy for parents to use non-disposable nappies.


Children are welcome to bring a special toy or similar to the Centre. This may be especially helpful for new younger children. We cannot however, accept responsibility for them, or for other possessions brought into the Centre. Dangerous toys, toys containing small parts or those that encourage aggressive behaviour are not permitted. Remember, if a toy will fit in a film canister it is small enough for a child to swallow and choke. Please ensure that children do not bring money in their pockets, this is dangerous because a 5 pence piece is exactly the right width to block a child’s wind pipe. Please inform a member of staff if your child brings a toy into the Centre.


Children are not permitted to bring sweets to the Centre. We do, occasionally, have food tasting as part of teaching sessions and this may include sweets such as chocolate. If this is a problem, please let us know.


The staff may appear somewhat casual about ‘potty training’, but this is a deliberate approach. Although we do remind children to go to the toilet, we find the key to successful potty training is to give children the opportunity to take responsibility for their training. In this way they become reliably and permanently dry, and not just programmed to perform when placed on a potty. Research has also shown that parents tend to leave potty training of second and subsequent children until the children are older. This minimises the trauma on both child and adult!

Whilst your child is potty-training we ask that you bring in plenty of spare clothes and if you're child is using them a supply of pull-up nappies. Please note that whilst we accept there will always be accidents, it is not possible to allow a child to continue to have many accidents in a group situation because of the risk of spread of infection.